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in the New Orleans Metro Area.

“In April 2018, my wife and I purchased our dream home in Old Metairie from Miller Building. Because we signed a purchase agreement early in the construction, we were able to select many features which were exactly what we wanted. Chance Miller and his design team of experts were extremely knowledgeable and patient with my wife and I.

Chance Miller and his foreman, Mark, were on site everyday. Since I consider myself to be a detail person, I closely monitored the progress daily. Our home was completed prior to the estimated completion date. It was the cleanest job site that I have ever seen. Their employees were extremely professional and polite. The finished product was obviously completed by master craftsmen.

As a result of our working relationship, Chance and Mark have become good friends with my wife and I. They still call me regularly to make sure that I am happy with our home. I have absolutely no hesitation in giving Miller Building the highest recommendation possible. I have told Chance Miller several times that any prospective buyers are welcome to call me anytime with questions.

Just this week, one of my neighbors stopped me on the street and said, “Chick, you have the nicest house in the neighborhood”.

Now I know what it means when people say, ‘I bought a Miller home’.”

Donald “Chick” Foret, Attorney at Law

“It has been my pleasure to work with Wayne and Chance Miller, and their office staff at Miller Building Company for so many years.  My design firm, Majestic Interior Specialties, has been with Miller Building Company for over 40 years.  After experiencing decisions with so many Miller clients, and witnessing the expertise of Miller’s subcontractors, I decided to employ the Millers to construct my own personal home in 2018. 

As a 4th generation contractor, their suggestions and attention to so many intricate details were of great interest to me.  The building process that I experienced was enjoyable and flawless throughout the entire time of my home construction. I look forward to enjoying my new home, along with its many professional touches.  Because of this great personal experience, I know I will continue to recommend Miller Building Company for many years to come!”

Kristin Oddo Mahoney, Majestic Interior Specialties, Inc. 

“Our project was extraordinarily unique and complex. From the beginning, it was clear that Chance, Mark, and the entire Miller team was right for the job and had our interests at heart. Their focus on quality without compromise, combined with genuine attention to cost efficiency on the build made us very confident that they were completely dedicated to our complete satisfaction. The level of personal attention, creativity, problem solving, and face to face customer service make them an example of what business and client service look like at the highest level. They are the only build team we would ever choose in the future after our experience with them on our project. Everyone who sees the property is blown away and we are delighted with the outcome.”
Frank & Janet DellaCroce

“Miller Building Co. is one of the most respected and creative home building firms in the metro New Orleans area. The high standard of craftsmanship set by Wayne Miller and his staff, coupled with their experience with historic designs, made them a tremendous asset to the Holiday House.”
Burton Craige, Publisher, Southern Living Homes Group

“Thanks so much for the “gift” you gave me – a home. Not a “new house”, but a “home” which I love, I feel comfortable in, and I hope to grow old in. It truly exceeds all my expectations.”
Nancy Mororich

“Our building experience was one of the most pleasant I have ever had. The organizational structure of Miller Building insures that all questions are answered in a timely fashion prior to implementing each phase of the plan. Our choices were checked, rechecked and confirmed one more time. This helped to insure that we knew exactly what we had ordered and left no areas of controversy. Communication is the key…”
Claire Friedrichs Taylor & H. Denny Taylor, MD

We were looking for a respected contractor who could build our quality home as advertised and Miller Building Custom Homes proved to be the right choice. They took care of every detail to our satisfaction until our home was complete. We would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to build a quality custom home.

Ed & Lori Randazza

“Wayne Miller not only builds a fine home, he builds an excellent working relationship with his customers. We are delighted with our home, and would not hesitate to build again with Wayne Miller. That’s why his reputation stands out among builders of quality homes. “
Rick & Pattie Stanley

“My experience with Miller Building Custom Homes has been exceptional. Our house was superbly built and finished in every way. In addition, Miller’s care and concern for us long after the sale was very clear. They are in this for the long haul.”
Leslie W. Levenson, MD

“Miller Building is first class. The Millers offer great ideas and provide exceptional service. My home was built in 1996. I continue to have people admire the design and inquire as to who was the builder. I am glad to tell them Miller Building.”
Derek P. Delaney

“I purchased one of the Miller Building homes in October, 1974. I like my home so much that I am still in it… Whenever I updated my home, I didn’t have to add anything. It is a great help when your builder puts extra fill on your land, lowering my flood insurance premium. It’s important that a person take pride in his work, and Miller Building lives up to its reputation.”
Peggy S. Pumilia


Miller Building Company has developed a construction team that is committed, not only to producing the very finest homes, but also to making the building process enjoyable, as well as satisfying. Contact our project team today to make your dream home a reality.

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